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What is the difference between the Modula MTM and the Natalie P?

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Also wondering which one of the PE pre design build's I choose, I see alot on the site but I don't know which to choose
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The Modula MTM uses a Seas Tweeter where the Natalie P uses the Dayton RS28. The modula also has more complex crossover if I remember correctly.
Actually the Modula MTM had the option of which tweeter, my Modulas used the Dayton Tweeter, which was the first option. The difference was the crossover. The Nat P was to make it less expensive to build IIRC.
You are correct . I built the Nat P and they are nice performers for the money.
Alright thanks for the great help and could you help me choose which one of the centers is a good fit for the Natalie P ,Modula MTM Center or the Modula NeoD Center?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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