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Originally Posted by lazyman6 /forum/post/18247476

I was told that the shiny screen would not be good if I have lots of windows as it causes more reflections, is this true?

There are two things at work here.

#1. They are BOTH LCD HDTV's

one is backlit with a CCFL (bulb)

one is backlit with some LED (bulbs)

its just a different type of illumination source. LED's of course use less power, and IMO last longer. contain no mercury. CCFL is perfectly fine.

#2. Alot of LED backlit HDTV, Have a Glossy screen, thats wht they would reflect your home lights lamps etc and windows. Thats all.

Some Sony LCD HDTV's have LED and are Matte so they are not glossy and would not reflect Windows and home lights and lamps.
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