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So I currently have a fully functional Promedia 5.1 ultra system, but a few weeks back my dd-5.1 "receiver" became worthless and stopped receiving IR commands from the remote. My question is hopefully a simple one. What is the minimum reciever I could buy that would satisfy my requirements?

1) 5.1 preouts (the promedia 5.1 ultras are powered and don't need an amp)

2) 1 optical input (toslink or whatever they call it these days)

3) ability to decode dolby digital and DTS

Basically everything I see out there that has 5.1 preouts also has 7.2 powered output as well. If nothing out there exists, then I may have to just bite the bullet and start my home theater off with a receiver, but I was hoping to wait for my promedia amp to die before I did that.
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