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What is the new retail pricing for Teranex systems ?

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Wondering if retail pricing also came down due to the HQV chip, the VC300 Video computer with the X4-FC-2 (Image convert HD and SD), and the IE - HDNR ( Image Enhance) package looks to be interesting.

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Email Silicon Optix about it.

Oh, and if you do buy one, I DEMAND lots of screenshots. :D
Pricing did come down, but not dramatically (these units are for the broadcasting industry, where they don't really care about 3K processors).

From what I know, they are still not coming out with Realta based 1U or 3U units as yet. When they do, these units will likely cost quite a few buck$ and run motion compensating HD and perhaps full MPEG artifact removal and some of the other neat Terranex algorithms... Not something for the weak of heart...
Thanks ofer, I thought the new boxes had the realta chips, they look soooo nice
I recently enquired about pricing and found a large increase. The 2RU is now priced were the 3RU use to be. The reason, new hardware platform & you have to take the full software package, they open all the keys. A lot of the software cannot be used for HT because it is restricted by input or output limitations. This makes half the software useless for us.

The 2 RU includes analog and digital inputs. The 3 and 6 require another $5000 in outboard convertors to get a signal into it.
Ouch, back to reality :eek:
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