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I have been very impressed with the bang for the buck of my oppo dvd player. I am just recently in the market for a new receiver since mine (2805) was severely damaged by Fedex after being at Denon for 3 months for repair of an optical input. I am looking for at least 5.1 channels, dpl IIx, bass management, good sound for 80% movies, decent power, etc. I am not concerned with video, since my video sources go straight to the display. I will only have $400 - $700. What is the receiver with the best "bang for the buck" in this price range.

Are there used receivers or seperates that I should consider in this range?

speakers: onix / rockets 750sig's, rsc200, 250's

Thank you in advance for your suggestions,

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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