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I know the C6 series is thin...but what else is different (looking mainly at picture differences).

Looking for details like Is there CMS differences, black levels, whites, screen coating etc.

I have looked on Samsungs website and found only the slim form factor to be different.

I like the looks of the Samsungs vs the cheap plastic look of Panasonics G25 and hate he floating black and grainier picture of Panny's( and that was the VT25 I was comparing to the C6400.....I brought my AVS disk, and color lenses and quickly set picture settings and then compared apples to apples with Dark Knight Bluray...thanks Futureshop staff for helping!).

But looking to get in on buying my brother a TV and don't know if there is enough difference between the C5 and C6 plasmas to justify the difference.
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