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WHat is the Remote code for the HD-A1 HD DVD

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Im trying to program my Kameleon Universal remote to work my Tosh HD player and none of the codes listed work.

Im new to universal remotes so Im sorry if this a dumb question.

I have done a few searchs and all I come up with is how much we all hate the Toshiba remote and how many of us are using different remotes but no where have I found what the remote code numbers are that need to be entered into a universal remote.

Thanks for the help in advance


Ohhh, and I must vent,,, the Toshiba remote has to be the worst peice of crap remote I have ever ever seen in my entire life,, I would love to speak to the person that designed this pile of sh#t remote. Black backround with dark gray tiny lettering on it for watching movies in a dark or a dimmly lit room.

Who thought up the design for this remote, I would really love to talk to that dumbass.

Dont they test stuff before they send it out,,, like get a room full of people and have them play with the HD player and the remote and get feedback from them.

The level of stupidity is beyond stupidity.

Ok, done venting.

Codes anyone ???
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Originally Posted by Robert D
Try looking or asking here http://www.remotecentral.com/

Already did that, no luck.

It uses NEC1 protocol with main device 69, subdevice 181. Using Robman's chart, I couldn't find any existing device with NEC1/69/181.

I created a JP1 upgrade so if you have a JP1 cable, you can update your remote yourself to support the HD-A1 (or just learn the functions)


You didn't mention which Kameleon you are using, but many of them are JP1 capable.
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