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What is this!?

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I recently sold my mom my SAMSUNG TXR30. And just recently it has been showing this problem (mainly when it is off, I guess its unoticeable when its on):

I am not sure if my mom notices... im worried!

I have had this TV for around 2 and a half years. And its never had any problems...

And for those that cannot see the image. It has a rainbow wave coming from the right side of the screen.
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Got a magnet or something with maget components near it that side of it (or on top of it)? Speakers maybe?
Did you clean it with some kinda solvent? Hm, just a guess. They do say not to clean certain things with certain cleaning....things.
Did you know if she used any cleaning solvents on the set?

Is it just on that side?

Rainbows on the CRT!!

Now my final question is, what kind of son sells his set to his Mother?
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I've heard of magnetic discolorations in the corners of Slimfits, but not while powered off. Is it still there when unplugged?
It turns out that it WAS on. The cable box was off, (my mom turned off the wrong thing) but it seems to have gone away.

Oh well. *shrug*

And I sold it to her, because... I needed money. =)
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