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What is up with all these 3 faced surrounds??

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I have tradionally seen 2 faced surrounds (example ), but now I am seeing more and more 3 faced surround speakers.





I know this design may relate to the debate between discrete/ambient vs directional surround sound... which has been battled many times before.

I also want to state that from what I have read, bi-poles are best mounted on a back wall, and di-poles are best mounted on a side wall.

Again, I am just curious as to the reason more MFRs are offering these 3 faced surrounds.
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There not new to the market, I have had Phase Tech Teatro surrounds with three sides for about 7 years.
Thanks....but again, is there an advantage with that 3 faced design?
I believe the difference comes down mostly to aesthetics, but by adding a third side with only a driver, they can use a larger driver to reproduce more bass. There shouldn't be a huge difference between how the two perform. Just comes down to personal preference. I prefer the look of the three-sided surrounds. They're supposed to serve as a transitional speaker as the sound moves from the front speakers to the surrounds (like in a 7.1 setup). For that, they're great.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Viper...that makes sense. As far as sound is concerned, I always found it interesting that the main driver is being pointed directly to the front of the room (when mounted on the back wall). I would imagine that due to reflection off the front wall(viewing wall) it would create a sound field in front of the listener...as opposed to behind.
Your ears will be closer to the driver than the front wall, so you'll hear the direct sound at a much higher spl than any reflected sound.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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