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What is WINKBLR.EXE???

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My pc started having problems playing dvds. After installing WinTop, I discovered the problem appears to be a program called WINKBLR.EXE. It's a major resource hog -- using up to 90% of available CPU power. I don't know what it is and I'm a little hesitant to kill it without knowing. It shows to be a 32-bit program (with the gears, whatever that means).

Can anyone tell me what this program is?

(p.s. A search of the MS knowledge base didn't help.)
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Wow! 64 people have read this post and no one knows what this file/program is??

I am unable to "kill" this program. First, it doesn't appear among the active tasks in the task monitor, so I can't stop it that way. Second, I used msconfig in an attempt to prevent it from starting, but it started anyway! Third, I tried to delete or rename the file, but windows won't allow that. Fourth, I found its run command in the registry and attempted to delete it, but windows wouldn't allow that.

By the way, I still don't know what this program is, but according to msinfo, winkblr.exe is not a Microsoft file.

How do I stop this program from loading???
Its the work_klez virus. Its pretty nasty. Go to www.antivirus.com and search on it to get removal instructions
I though I scean that name a round before happystick, Ok Chris it your turn to get nail this message.


You need to immedlately have your computer scanned for viruses or install virus protection software. more then likely you don't even know that your infected.

This is how the thing spreads so fast - You Open an Attachment [Your Infected] The virus then attaches it's self to all your out going email - every one that openS the attachment they receive from you is then infected ... & so on & so forth

Also Read and Lean more about this Klez virus

So please update you anti viruses data base or download this free one and update anti viruses data base.
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You don't even need to open the attachment with outlook, certain versions of outlook will run the virus automatically (unless you specifically tell them not to and run a special patch).

Gotta love microsoft and their security protocols.
Blight that only with outlook 4,5 not with 6
Thanks guys! I have a site license for F-Prot so I'll install that tonight and fix the problem. I appreciate the help.
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