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What is your favorite amp from 90’s-2010

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I figured I’d start this discussion for a few reasons.

1. Because not everyone in this hobby or that wants to be can afford to spend multiple thousands on on brand new gear.

2. It’s fun to buy amplifiers to test different brands on your current system to hear the differences they make. What was great then is still very good now. In some cases it’s still better!

3. Starting off buying really good older gear can be a good investment for upgrading a year or two down the road.

4. Lots of people like vintage gear.

So let’s hear what was or still is your favorite amplifier or pre/ amp combo and why.
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NAD 3020 integrated amplifier. My dad had one but I think he gave it to my brother in law and I'm not sure if he still has it. And I don't want to be an Indian giver and ask for it back if he still does have it.
Well, even going back to just the 90's isn't far enough IMO :)

I own two of my favorite amps: Conrad Johnson Premier 12 mono blocks (140W side tube amps), which were introduced I think in the mid 90's.

My other amp I love is my Eico HF-81 14W integrated tube amp, from the 60's.
Yeah, if you want to talk about "quality vintage" not sure the 90's is really in that conversation. That's more of a mid/late 60's until about 1980 conversation.

There are outliers of course, but the stuff coming from Japan during that era was fantastic. There was a lot of cheap stuff being sold in the 90's and during the HTiB craze in the 2000's.
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Still have my modified Threshold T-50's and had a Forte 4A amp. Should never have sold it.:)
Bryston and Sherbourn

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Adcom equipment for one. Also, you can get quality equipment today for under $1000.00 old equipment will need work to make it sound it’s best.
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