Streaming video isn't the be-all and end-all of quality, but it sure is convenient. If you stream, which provider is your fave?

Online streaming is a major source of movies and  television  shows in home theaters as TVs,  Blu-ray  players, AV receivers, and game consoles now have streaming apps in their slate of features. Of course, the quality generally isn't up to Blu-ray standards, but it's getting better as codecs improve and users increase the bandwidth into their homes. And it's tough to beat the convenience of streaming whatever you want whenever you want to any device you want.

If you watch streamed-video content in your  home theater , what is your favorite provider of that content? Obviously, with so many providers available, I can't list them all here, so I've included an "Other" selection—if you choose that one, leave a comment and let us know who that provider is. Also, I encourage you to leave a comment about why you prefer a particular provider—high picture quality, low cost, wide selection, etc.