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What is your favorite theater on AVS? If you could trade for a build which would you choose?

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Who has your favorite build ? What do you like about it?
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I Think Cinemar is the nicest theater I've seen on this forum lately.. based on aesthetics... its beautiful. the workmanship is awesome. and the documentation of the build is superb. Now to answer which one I'd trade for that is tougher. I'd want to demo a few as audio/visualally its hard to tell which one provides the best presentation based on reading about them.... especially considering I have only been in 1 real home theater in my life and it wasnt in a home but in a best buy magnolia demo room..

Originally Posted by Mfusick  /t/1519665/what-is-your-favorite-th...ild-which-would-you-choose/0_80#post_24404107

Who has your favorite build ? What do you like about it?

Before I looked, I thought this was posted by a newb.
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It's been a long time since I saw a thread like this. Personally my jaw drops at lots of the theaters in this forum, for many different reasons. I think what I was trying to ask was mostly centered around the "why do you like it" part and what things do people value.
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