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Hi all. Looking for a couple things with this post: first, I'm interested in developing a reference list of the sonic signature of various HT speaker manufacturers. Until three or four years ago I was well-versed in the signatures of many of the major audiophile companies, but I'm using 17+ year-old speakers for my home theater. My second purpose is to hopefully develop a short list of what I'd like to audition for new HT speakers.

If I had the money, I'd think I'd buy an Acoustic Zen Adagio system. I love how clean that circular ribbon tweeter sounds. However, I try to avoid buying audio equipment new if I can help it, and it's rare to find used Adagio Juniors on the used market, so I'm looking for less expensive speakers that will give me a very clean sound for movies. On very rare occasions I'll pop in a concert video of 5.1 SACD, but getting every bit of detail I can get without sounding unnatural is my goal.

Going back to the original purpose, though, I'm interested to hear the signature of different manufacturers and lines, and comparisons between speakers if you've owned more than one line or manufacturer.

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