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What kind of video cable to use?

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Hello All,

I'm a recent joinee of AVS Forum. Wow, it looks like a wealth of information. However, I couldn't find the answer to my question. I really wasn't sure where to post it either. I'll try here.

I recently built a home theater PC out of new PC components. I'm running linux and mythtv on it. It seems to work very well (using the monitor or TV out) on my Nvidia FX5700 Ultra graphics card. But, I really want to get a big screen DLP and plug it into that.

At first, I was thinking that I'll use the D-Sub plug, you know the vga plug that looks like a 9-pin serial plug but with three rows of pins? Cause the newer DLP TVs have this connector but then I saw the DVI plug on the back of the set and on my graphics card. I did a little research and realized that DVI-D the type I need for the card and TV set is a totally digital transmission. I thought "great!", I'll just go buy a DVI-D male to male and plug the TV directly into the mythbox, what's cleaner than that?

Then I got to thinking a little further... I want to get a reciever that has THX capability, and if I do that I'm sure they don't make THX capable recievers without on-screen displays. If I pay the money to buy a THX quality reciever and it has the OSD feature I won't be able to use it if I don't pass the video through the reciever. So now I'm kinda stumped.

I noticed a few select recievers that have DVI, unfortunately I don't have the coin to drop on that kind of a box, $6k is a little out of the price range, I was hoping for a little more like under $1k. Here come my questions:

So I'm thinking now, DVI-D to component.

1. Do they make that sort of thing?

2. If they do, where can I get one and how much will it cost?

3. Will I lose video quality using one of these as opposed to using DVI-DVI?

Is there anything I'm missing?


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Component will be a little worse than DVI, yes there are converters but I would not use one of those, they're too expensive. If you're set on Component I'd recommend getting a new video card that supports component out, like the Geforce 6600, or maybe a Radeon with the dongle. However, I have no idea if or how well component output is supported in linux.

DVI is probably your best bet.
Have a read of this


Then you may be able to answer your own question and perhaps learn a lot along the way.


Duy-Khang Hoang
To answer some of your questions though. Component is analog, no two ways about it. Whether you lose video quality will depend on many factors. Digital does not always exceed analog, they can both come out to be the same if you use decent analog cables.


Duy-Khang Hoang
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