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What kinda of black masking on screens ??

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I currently have a Saaria electric screen. I was curious what kinda of border masking is on other brands and models. Even with my lowly output CRT I can see image on the border masking. Seems like the masking on this one is just a fiberglass that is dyed black, there is no texture or light absorbency going on at all.

Was curious about the following:

Da-Lite Fixed

Da-Lite Non-tensioned Electric

Draper Fixed /Electric

I am leaning toward replacing this electric with a Carada fixed, due to the nice masking, and I have an issue where my mounting (had issues where I could place the screen)really requires me to get a bigger screen ( want to maximize my raster usage).

Once I decide I will have an electric screen for sale , but not untill then.

Thanks ,
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I have a Draper Access V. It is a vinyl based screen and the masking / borders are just as you indicated... some sort of black paint / vinyl dye and yes when the image is spread over the border (using an X1), you can clearly see it. In fact, I sometimes watch my 4:3 TV image on my 16:9 screen with the image clearly spread over the border and screen... it is very watchable. I don't think any other screen manufacturers are any different especially in rollups. On fixed screen, I think you will find the situation a bit more improved as some have a anodized or satin black finish which has better light absorption.
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