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What length of HDMI after 2 way split?

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I am interested in having all my AV equipment in 1 central room and distribute it throughout my house. 1 thing i have heard though is; if you split a HDMI signal 2 ways, as in 1 PS4 and 2 TV's. What is the max length HDMI cable you could use, apparently 2m is getting close to not working.

Could someone please advise?

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If you use a decent ACTIVE 2-way splitter, then 50'+ is possible.

I have used this one with a 35' and a 50' HDMI cable without issue...

No passive junk - get something good.
I got this to work on the first try: DirecTV & Apple TV-->5-way HDMI switch-->single Cat. HDMI transmitter-->125' Cat5e-->single Cat. HDMI receiver-->2-way HDMI splitter-->1 meter HDMI and 10 meter active HDMI, both to Samsung TVs.
I have a 100' HDMI cable connected to one output of this 4x2 HDMI switch and it's been working perfectly for the last year or so. As AV_Integraed has pointed out, the active splitter is no doubt what's making this possible.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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