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Long time lurker on AVS, recent to this particular subforum, first time poster.

I've finally closed on my house and have started some remodeling, which has given me access to many of the bare studs. After reading the 'prewire guide' and a number of posts, I have run 2 coax, and 4 cat6 to 3 rooms, and 6 cat6 and 2 coax to the main tv room.

My basic question is... what now? This is what I think I am looking to accomplish: Ability to access NAS from all TV's which has movies, music, and photos.

1. Currently using Cablevision for TV, I would like to only need 1 cable box in a central location of some kind, will probably not watch programing on more than 1 tv at the same time, and if so, standard cable without a box would suffice.

2. I currently have my PS3 in my apartment hooked to the HDTV via HDMI and use the PS3 as the access to the NAS. So I would probably need some other device to process the media from the NAS throughout the house, as the PS3 would have to be local in the TV Room for actual playing of video games.

3. Availability of viewing the crib camera from the TV's (which I would like to later expand to a full video surveillance/security system for the house).

Bedroom 1 - 4 cat6 and 2 coax:


-iMac + 3 PCs

Bedroom 2 - 4 cat6 and 2 coax:


-Camera (mounted over crib)

Kitchen - 4 cat6 and 2 coax:

-TV (mostly used as a monitor for camera in bedroom 2)


TV Room - 6 cat6 and 2 coax:

-TV (obvious?)




From what I've been reading of the projects that many of you have completed, this seems pretty basic I guess. I would like the ability to scale it up as our family grows, and the house itself gets expanded. So a strong infrastructure that can be branched out, but definitely keeping the budget low upfront just to get up and running for move in day (very tough, I know).

I've already started building a wall rack system, I kind of used Technique's '1927 bungalow project' as a product buying guide. I already have:

-Wall mount Rack

-48 Port Cat6 Panel

-48 Port Switch



Sorry if this seems a little jumbled, was writing as it came to me.
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