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What % of channels do you watch?

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What percentage of paid-for channels do you watch that do not include HD channels, music (audio-only) channels, or premium movie/sports package channels?
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Multiple choices are provided for those with multiple services. Also, no OTA is to be included as this is something usually free of service fee.
With all those shopping (as per your poll), foreign language (not included) and a few rare other channels added over the last year (about 20 or so ?), the percentage is going down. Off hand, I can't think of even one new one that I started to watch last year.

* And they still don't provide the WB !
Watch the Dish locals and my digital ota local channels . I also watch a lot of movie channels . I pick the movies in the ON SAT guide ahead by a week and then set up timers with my 921 dvr . Very seldom watch the other channels except Sci Fi channel , some news channels like Fox , and TLC for the Trading Spaces shows. Funny after all these years and all those sat channels I still watch my networks more than anything else.
So Mike, you would be in the Less Than 10% group?
I watch exactly 1 of all the hundreds of channels that are not HD. And that is ESPN2 which at some point Comcast will carry in HD. So then my answer would be zero. If I watch news or Jeopardy it is on the HD upconverted channel, not the SD analog ones.

Rich N.
I hope this is not leading to some pro-ala-carte argument.

I may only watch 10% of the channels regularly. But there are times when nothing is on my regular channels but I find something worth watching on some channel I view less than once a month.
No, its about how worthless to some SDTV is.
I just scrolled through the Guide Channel and noted that I had watched something on at least 38 of the maybe 70 or fewer basic channels (80 minus maybe ten public access channels) at some time within the last few days.

I don't see what these poll results can possibly tell anyone. The majority of self selected poll respondants from this membership of self-selected HDTV Forum members who estimate that they watch 10% or fewer of their available SDTV programming surely aren't watching the same 10%.
Well, so far it told me ten people watch less than 10% of the channels meeting the criteria. And this is not in the HD forum, deliberately went out of the way to eliminate HD and other premium channels or channels that would otherwise cater to a fraction, etc.

No one asked you to like the poll. If you feel its not worthy of being posted or that nothing worthwhile cane be interpreted from it don't waste your time and move onto this that are worth your time. :)
I watch between 20 and 25 channels out of the 346 or so that I have. Depends on the time of year, and what is on the channels. I watch HBO-HD alot when the new Supranos are on. I watch of alot of network HD programming, so does the rest of my family. I view mostly the HD channels, like INHD, HDNET, and Discovery HD. PBS-HD is good too. Speed is a nice channel, (need it in HD!!) and I also like the news networks (CNN/-I, CNBC, MSNBC, FOX).

I think I'm going to be watching some of the new orignal series on ShowTime. Otherwise I don't watch Showtime that much.

I wish I could elimate most all of the useless channels, but hey thats the way cable and small dish satellite works. There's always C-Band!
Miniz, I am a little lost on your reply. What portion of the channels meeting the stated criteria do you watch?
The "vast wasteland" that FCC chairman Newton Minnow called TV in the sixties is here now.
It was a wasteland when The Beverly Hillbillies was the best written of the three shows in its time slot. At any given time, there are thirty or more channels carrying niche programming that is very important to the people watching it. And some people love their Cubic Zirconia.

A few years ago, I had a telephone conversation with a prospective buyer of a condominium in Washington DC who would not buy the unit unless she was assured that she could somehow get Comedy Central, which was not carried by the franchised cable company at the time. I had another caller from Silver Spring who would pay to get away from franchised cable and would have settled for local broadcast TV, as long as I could somehow get him the City Council channel, which I couldn't, since it was produced by the local franchised cable company. I'm sure that each of those cable customers would have selected the "Less than 10%" catagory in the above poll, yet each would be willing to pay the full price of SDTV Basic to get the one channel that they prize.

And I'm sure that 90% of the subscription TV viewership considers MTV to be a channel they wouldn't watch on a bet, yet it is arguably among the most important cable channels because it is a gotta-have-it channel to those who do watch it.

This poll, as it is presently constituted, cannot demonstrate how "worthless to some SDTV is". If Ferret really wants to learn how "worthless" SDTV is to some, he will have to reengineer the terms of the poll, but even if he does, the sample size in this relatively unpopular forum will not be adequate to reliably support any findings.
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MTv ... you mean the Musicless TeleVision channel? :p
Just figure out what percentage of 346, I watch and you will have the answer. I gave you number.

10% of 346=35 (to nearest whole channel)

I watch between 20-25 channels, so it is less then 10% to answer your question.
Well, I didn't know if the 346 included channels that didn't meet the stated criteria.

I have it categorized. News, HD, the main stuff I watch (discovery, history, sci fi, comedy, cartoons, HBO, etc.) and then I never watch religion channels or home shopping or international stuff.

So I figure out of 160 'basic' channels I maybe watch 10-15. Figure an extra 5 when I see nothing on my lists and decide to browse the whole package.

So you chose the 10% to less than 25%? I presumed the basic in single quotes was such that this did not include locals.
Right. I chose 10-25%.

No locals, no premium, no international, no PPV, no music, and no HD included in my %. Just the % from the 'cable' package (although i have satellite).


P.S. What's 'other'. As in if you don't watch a percentage, what do you watch?
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