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I am finding the lack of a Harmony Smart desktop app frustrating, and am wondering what options exist?

I've tried two (related) approaches so far, with limited success using only the first approach:

1. pyHarmony

This runs (using Fink's python). I can issue a subset of commands to individual devices with success (so I can turn stuff on and off, for example), but some other commands (crucially, volume control) do not appear to work. I also cannot get any of the activity commands to work. I get a run-time error telling me "ERROR: sleekxmpp.xmlstream.xmlstream Error reading from XML stream."

2. HarmonyHubControl (From what I can tell this is a c++ fork of the above project.)

I compiled this (OS X, 10.10.3) and the executable runs, but won't connect to the hub. (I get the error LOGITECH WEB SERVICE LOGIN : FAILURE
ERROR : harmonyWebServiceLogin : Unable to connect to Logitech server).

Anyone get any further with either of these?

Any other options?
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