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What pci express x16 low profile video card to bitstream hd audio? cross-post

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I'm cross posting because I just figured out I posted this to the wrong sub-forum on AVS.

I just figured out the hdmi on my three year old Intel DGI45ID motherboard won't bitstream the hd audio formats even though I've got the encryption removed which pretty much ticks me off but I won't go into into that rant here.

What do I need to get this done? I don't want any fans on the card making noise. My power supply is only 275 watts. I can't upgrade the power supply without replacing the case. My wife hates 3d so I'm not going to be buying any of that. This is strictly a htpc machine so no gaming requirements at all.

I need 1080p video and hd audio bitstream. Windows 7 64 bit. When I go 4k I'll build a new machine so if this card will do it that's great but it certainly isn't a requirement. My budget is as cheap as possible without getting a piece of crap that will be a bunch of trouble.

I would also accept as an answer a way to get around this limitation. ;-) I tried ripping my bd with flac audio but then my pioneer receiver sees the pcm stream and will only use 5 speakers instead of 7.
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A passive AMD HD5450, HD6450 or Nvidia GT610 will do 1080p and bitstream HD audio formats (DTS-MA/Dolby TrueHD)


Come with low-profile bracket $19.99 AR @ Newegg
Thanks. I went ahead and ordered the first link. I'll give that a shot and see how it goes. At least I'm not out a ton of money if it doesn't work out.
You can usually find some passive LP 6450s pulled out of random dell/hp machines on ebay for $20~25 shipped if you hate rebates. Sometimes listed as 7450 but its the same thing.

(and it has twice the cores of 5450 though still low end)
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