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what projector to look for?

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My old projector is nearing the end of its days and I'm pondering getting a new one rather than buy parts for this one, so I'm looking for ideas on what to look for. Here's my situation:

I'm in an apartment, so I can't do too much to the walls/ceiling. So I plan to have the projector sitting on top of a shelving unit that's 72" high. I got no problem having it upside down; I can build a little frame to suspend it from that'll sit on the shelf (or the next shelf down, but if I take it too far down, folks on the sofa start getting heads in the way...). A tabletop model in front of the sofa probably won't work because it'll have like 5-6 feet to the screen.

My screen is 8x6 feet, and about 16.5 feet from the front edge of the shelf. The top edge of the viewing area is about 89" from the floor (and 5" from the ceiling). I can move the shelves up to the back edge of the sofa, so I can pull it in to about 14.5 feet of throw if I need to. I'm not too terribly worried about light levels; I can get the room pretty dark. I'd like to fill the screen if I can, though.

So there's the geometry. The kicker is I hate digital keystone correction. Optical is fine, I love optical. But I'm not seeing a whole lot of optical keystone correction out there, unless "lens shift" will do it... but I've gotten the impression that's more for fine-grain adjustment of the lens position, not so much for angular correction.

And of course I'd like to spend as little as possible. Used off ebay is where I got the first one :) So, anyone know where I can find The Perfect Projector for a Pittance? :) Or even just a few to keep an eye out for?
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what would you consider a pittance?

as far as the throw distance, i think the Panasonic AE700 would be perfect for your needs. It has a good digital zoom, and a "joy"stick lens shift. (i've heard its not really a joy!)

of course this model will be retailing for around $2k (in march with the 200 MIR)
I'm probably not ready to throw more than 1000 or 1200 into it at the moment. Get ebay at the right time and that's not too shabby, but for new it's kinda limiting. :)

You're right, though, the shiftability of the Panasonic looks tailor-made for my needs (does such shifting usually introduce keystoning effects? I wouldn't expect it to, but I lack experience...) I may have to see if I can come up with the rest before the rebate foofs :)
yeah, i just ordered mine today.

I really like the fact that i can have a 100" screen with the projector situated 10' to 20' away. Great flexability
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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