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what ps2 component cable to get?

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I've looked around and there are many different ps2 component cables. Could someone recommend which one is the best or good quality?

Do the different ones make a big difference?

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The Sony brand ones work great for me. No reason to waste your money on any Monster Cable product. Anyway the Sony ones give great quality, considering what the PS2 has to work with graphically. I definitely recommend those cables.
I'd go Sony unless you need a long run, then spring for the Monsters.
I bought the cheapest PS2 component cables I could find on the net (don't even remember where!)... they work fine.

edit: got 'em at the-console-corner for 7, shipping was another 5.

approx 8ft long. (they connect to A/V receiver, then 30' long component cable run to projector) NO problems.
I agree with Dave....bought mine on ebay for less the $15 with shipping ;) Works just fine
the mad catz work good too
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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