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I've been trying to figure out how to spend my budget and i was going to gop for a more expensive receiver and compromise on the speakers at first.. So i can upgrade later. But I now get the feeling that maybe it makes sense to gspend more on speakers and compromise on the features/power of the receiver if i won't really push it.

So my question is, what would you guys recommend for a receiver with the following requrie features:

Dolby PLIIx

2-component-in (minimum)

5.1 (although i only plan to do 3.1 for a while)

2-digital audio in (minimum)

Thats oretty much it. I don't really know what al lthe different DSP modes do on all the receivers so there is no point in paying for them i guess..

If i spend a little elss money on the receiver, I can really spend some money on the speakers... Looking at Rocket ELTs or the Rocket 550/750s, although PSBs look nice as well..

Thanks in advance for helping a newbie.

I should say that my total budget is $700-800.. Maybe $1000 but thats pushing it.
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