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I am planning on purchasing a Mitsubishi HC5000, but am uncertain as to what screen to get for it. Ambient light is not an issue, since my HT is in a windowless basement.

I went to projectorcentral's very neat throw distance and screen size calculator:


and punched in my information (108" 16:9 screen, about 14' throw to the screen), and it indicated that I would need a gain of at least 1.2.

The calculator is assuming 1000 ANSI lumens and a 10,000:1 contrast.

I suppose my questions are whether to go with a white or grey screen, and does 1.2 gain sound right for the HC5000?

Anyone out there using an HC5000, and if so, what screen are you using?

Right now I am thinking a Stewart Firehawk G3.

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