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so i have a 720p infocus x9. i'm going to be knocking down a wall between two normal, smallish bedrooms, to create a single bedroom twice as long. i'm thinking about a 120" screen. that's about 6" from the wall on eich side of the room; so it's not completely up to the walls on each side.


1. is 120" too big for 720p machine? i'll be able to sit far enough back but i don't wan to sit too far. do you think i should worry about screen door?

2. was thinking a fixed screen, but the manual pull down ones are much cheaper, and it would be nice to roll it up now and then, have a painting underneath.

3. should i get a white or grey screen. i will have ambient light. not direct light, i have light curtains covering the windows. this pj is very bright though. orginally i was gonna put it in another place with a 73" screen, and i was gonna get a grey one for that, but for this, do i need the extra brightness from the white screen or do you think i can go with the grey?

4. what BUDGET manual pulldown screen should i get???? i'm looking at a lot of them around $200. i'd rather not pay more than $300, but if it makes a big difference i guess i could. but i'm on a strict budget. i have my cables, pj mount, and i'm nearly ready to go

would appreciate all the help i can get. the light from the windows is not very direct. it's a north facing room; if i had too, i could get darker curtains, but i'm hoping i wont' need to. i'm thinking, if i can get away with it, the better black levels of the grey screen would be nice, especiallly since this pj is very bright

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