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I am looking to change my TV in the not to distant future .

I currently have a Panasonic TX 36PL30 100Hz.

However I have Built another PC and added it to my HIFI set up to control my CD jukebox's, Play Mp3's and home automation. I was hoping to be able to use my TV as the PC's Monitor, but the Desktop graphics are crap on the TV. I am still not sure why this is, as video and video games are excellent.

However because of this I am looking at the alternatives, LCD,Projector and Plasma. It needs to be good picture quality for TV and PC.

The Plasma is looking good but seems to have drawbacks over the others. Screen Burn especially as SKY put logos in the corner of the screen.

Can these things display PC desktop graphics without Blurring.

Do you have to sit a long way from the screen, I have a long shaped room but as there is a door each end I only have the width of the room.


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