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What screen size w/AmPro 4200?

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I snagged a steal on a 9" AmPro Elite 4200/9" CRT FP with 200 hours on it. I know, I know AmPro is long gone. At this price it's nearly disposable though. Time to select the best possible screen for the money.

I have narrowed it down to a Stewart Filmscreen StudioTek 130 in either 54" x 96" or 45" x 80", both are 16:9 AR.

The smaller screen that may work better in my room. Rather than going for a new 54" x 96" 16:9

motorized version for almost $3K, the "little" one is a one month old 45" x 80" 16:9 manual pull down for far less cash.

Aside from sheer size, am I really losing that much by going to a smaller screen? I would expect a somewhat better picture yet is

this actually the case in the real world? Impact is what I want. The bargain screen is only 15" wider than my current 65" 16:9 RP yet it'll be a

great deal larger than the 34" Sampo 16:9 used for daytime viewing (a massive 30' floor to ceiling glass wall in my room means no FP in the day for now).

Plan B is to project onto the opposite wall with the big 110" diagonal 16:9 screen. What is the diagonal measurement of a 45" x

80" 16:9 screen?

TIA for any tips. Any Bay Area members feel like getting a good workout helping me ceiling mount this monster? I didn't think so.


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I get the strong feeling that this isn't the most visited place on AVS. No opinions at all out there?


What are you trying to get out of your system? Are you looking for brightness and detail, or are you willing to give some of that up for a big image.

Forget about diagonal measurements. Look at the total square inches of the image that you are going to project:

A 45x80 will give you 3600 square inches

A 54x96 will give you 5180 sqaure inches

The second choice is almost 50% bigger than the first.

Each person has their own priority. Mine is BIG image. I am trying to make a movie theater atmosphere in my HT and movie theaters have big screens.

My screen is a 60x107 Stewart Silver 400. This gives me 6420 sq. inches.

The 9" crt's mean you will get very high resolution. That unit will do all of the 1920 of 1920x1080i from HDTV, if you keep the contrast level within reasonable levels. The more contrast (white level) the less resolution. It will also mean you will get about 20% more light on the screen than a 7" CRT PJ.

The choice is yours.

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Thanks. I want the impact of a movie theater, so I suppose the answer is obvious - to go for the largest image size that the manufacturer suggests for my particular FP/ lenses.

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