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What Services Should I Get On My ISF Calibration?

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Steve Martin, ISF technician is coming to set up the home theater video in one week. I am really not too much of a techie, so I could use some advice on what to have done.

Steve's website is:


He lists all of his services offered there. Now, don't rain the fire of detest on me, but I am using a Pioneer RPTV (sorry, FPJ owners!)... I am thinking that Duvatyne is a big plus. I'm not bashful about spending the cash to get a terrific picture, but this is a dedicated movie setup, no HDTV, no OTA programming, no VHS, etc. I run a Panasonic RP56 via component cables to the Pioneer SD-532HD5 RPTV.

I am also wondering if I should have the screen removed. No one or no thing goes into this room except for humans (no pets, we don't have kids) so it would be safe to remove it, but I just wonder if there is much benefit.

Your feedback is appreciated.
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Protective screen removal a pluss unless viewing in a totally dark room. Other very worthwhile tweaks:

- electrostatic and mechanical focus

- full convergence and geometry

- SVM / EE disable

- greyscale

- color decoder stuff

- contrast / brightness / color / tint / sharpness

- lens striping (only if you have shift)

- Duvetyne (if your cabinet inside is shiny)

Basicaly, everything is good but you'll notice the most improvement from everything but the last 2. Convergence (extensive) and focus are even more important than greyscale IMHO. Hopefully your set will focus well and not need re-torquing or shims.

BTW, Martin is supposed to be very good. I live in Dallas, feel free to visit sometime and we can compare setups. [email protected] (remove "SPAM" from address first). My setup here: www.geocities.com/jason_flynn

I did all the tweaks myself and it's a lot of fun.
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Plan on spending about $500 and get all the services your equipment allows. You won't regret it.
Two good threads from HTF:

Thread 1
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How about a quick post after the calibration to let us know your thoughts?
Mike, absolutely. I am very excited!
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