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What setup for HDTV TW Cable or Other

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Okay, I'm as confused as evar!

This is what I have: I currently have TimeWarner Cable (TWC) here in Houston, I have an HDTV screen that I'm using as a computer monitor (IT ROCKS!), and I'm going to get another HDTV that's better quality when I get a Tivo-like device that will record HD. I have two Tivos that I've hacked for bigger hard drives, that I want to replace with my own custom rig that I'm asking about here (preferably MythTV). I have a television in the living room (has Tivo), bedroom (has Tivo), Office (plain cable straight into TV), and Office has my HDTV monitor connected to my computer and have my XBox connect svia Monster Cables (Kick @SS GAMES!)

This is what I want: Central repository to share content, rip DVDs into online DVD library, rip CDs, transfer existing MP3s onto server, play various music and video formats, have a client HTPC to record Standard NTSC TV, HDTV (regular HDTV, digital cable HDTV, and premium cable HDTV (HBO, I'm looking at you!)), and maybe dual tune but no biggie.

Optional items: Check e-mail, browse web, and basically make my wife happy.

Also, if I do it the Tivo way, do I have to have the HTPC change the channel to the cable box?

I know there are tuner cards, and some support QAM, but I have Starz, HBO, Showtime, and others, but I want the capability to record HD HBO and other HD channels. Also, I want it to work like Tivo where I can watch the show while it's being recorded or just pause it for a while and watch it while skipping commercials.

One more thing, OUTPUT: What's better, component or DVI? Do I connect the HD Cable Box to the HD Card in the HTPC? Or straight into the HTPC and then dvi/component to the TV?

Please post what the hardware / connection layout would be. Also, is there a FAQ on setting up a HTPC with HDTV support for all systems? Should I use MythTV, or a Windows based system?

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To record the premium channels you'll need some kind of IR blaster to set the STB to tune those channels when you want to record.
Do capture cards or tuner cards come with one, or are there instructions to make one myself?
You cannot record encrypted HD content in HD on a PC. This generally means you are limited to locals only. There is no current way around this without spending upwards of $5k or so.
Is there a way to take in or convert HD signal from COMPONENT cables INTO a PC?

I called TWC and they said that their HD decoder box has component output only, so I would need some sort of capture card that can take component signals and save it.

They also said that thier HD PVR has DVI or Firewire (1394) output, but having a TWC PVR defeats the purpose of having my own custom one.

Any ideas how to stored component signals into a PC, that way I can take that solution and inocorporate that into my own custom PVR.

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Search is your friend. Before you get yelled at for asking the question that is asked twice a week here, the short answer is no ;)

The long answer is yes but at an astronomical cost and hardship.
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