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Slowly building a small HT in a very small room (13 X 10, might be pushing it).

Currently I have(not including game systems/dvd/bluray).

-Calibrated 32 inch Sharp Aquos 1080P HDTV.

-Onkyo TX-SR505

-Polk Audio RTI A3 X 2.

I am wondering what I should add next? What would benefit my setup the most? Should I add a Sub? A center? Some Backs? Should I replace my Receiver with something more modern like the Pioneer VSX-919AH-K?

I have the funds right now to add one more piece to the puzzle so to speak, and want to go with whatever impacts the setup the most.

Thanks for any help.

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Originally Posted by djmicromix /forum/post/16874939

Add this sub:


That will be the biggest improvement.

Next, in my opinion, I would get a bigger TV. I have a small room about your size with a 52 inch Samsung and it's awesome. 32 inches doesn't cut it.

Only get full 5.1 after those things IMO.

+1 on the sub recommendation.

Or get the speakers that will round out a 5.0 setup. Small rooms don't need a sub nearly as much as large ones. My bedroom setup is a case in point - AVR HK 247 - Infinity IL40 towers with a Infinity Beta C360 center and Beta 20s for surrounds.

-1 on getting a bigger tv. Move it/you closer and it'll look bigger - saving funds for other upgrades.

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Let me first start by saying that you will probably be forever adding to your HT setup...once bitten....your doomed!

The biggest 'impact' of the choices you've listed would be a sub for movies and games.

I have the RTIA3s that I run as fronts too, but I run a 5.1 setup - and love my setup.

The RTIA3s are great bookshelves - but they do lack the low end grunt you need for HT-movies.

If you can only add one thing...for now... gotta add my vote for the sub.
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