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Hey guys,

I bought an Ascendant Assassin 12" driver a while ago, and it's been collecting dust ever since as a future to-do project. In the mean time, it seems like the forums has gone through several "preffered" designs like the sonotubes and now the THT's (horns), so I'm looking on some feedback for a design.

I'd like to build a box (tube? THT/horn? sealed? vented?
) to replace the inadequate 8" sub which came as part of my little HTIB kit.

I am not looking for a room destroyer or anything like that, but rather a design that'll let me feel a bit of the low end cleanly.

My wife is pretty nice about my hobbies, so she wouldn't mind it too much if the box came up a bit large, but I guess I don't want to over-do it either. I think ideally I was hoping for an end table/coffee table replacement which could look somewhat inconspicuous in the room.

I modeled it, and came up with a vented design at around 4.5 cf with a port tuned to around 21Hz (I think that's right ... I'm going off memory, since I don't have it in front of me right now). I think at that size, I could build a table/box around 2x3x2 that could also accomodate a modest plate amp.

I've listed the driver specs below. Do you guys see anything I'm obviously missing? Any better design than a simple vented box with this worth looking into?

Znom 4 ohms
BL 12.3 n/a
Re 3.5 ohms
Sd 480 cm2
Qes .41
Qts .372
Qms 4.00
Fs 23.1 Hz
Mms 122 g
Vas 128 L
Xmax 15.5 mm
Le 3 mH
Rms 350W
Spl 87.8 dB 1W/1M
Voice Coil diam. 2 inch aluminum
Voice coil Single 4 ohm
Cone Paper pulp
Cutout diam. 11
Outer diam. 12 3/8
Mounting depth 6 1/8
Weight 15 pounds

Thanks for the help,


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You might find this link interesting:

I had a computer crash and so I lost the measurements of the final product, but we pretty much came within a dB of the predicted performance.

In summary, we did a 3.5cu ft enclosure tuned to ~20Hz with a Rhythmik Audio plate amp with a custom peaking highpass filter. I wanna say it was about 250W? This sub actually way surpassed the performance I was expecting.

Since then, I took the ported subs apart and built a tapped horn instead and am currently powering it with an XTi 1000. There are some minor things I would do differently if I did it again, but it still way surpasses the performance of the two ported boxes.

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Not a box, With help from Steve Callas I built a pair of Sonosubs using this same subwoofer...

18" tube 48" long (6.8cft) ....6" tube 23" long for port (i believe tuned to 21hz.)

The thread is here in this forum.......Just a thought
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