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What should I cover up windows with?

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I'm moving into another room that has 3 of the walls covered with windows.

With looks being of no concern whatsoever what should I use to cover them with? I'm wanting to block all light and make it as good as I can acoustically for 5.1.

I don't want it to be permanent so anything I can tape or nail up would be great.

I would also like to keep it as cheap as I can without giving away much sound quality.

Any advice would be great. Maybe some kind of insulation?
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You could make a window "plug" using compressed fiberglass panels like OC703, which would also act as a broadband absorber. Wrap the panels in your choice of Guilford of Maine fabric. Size the panel to fit snugly into the frame around the window to block out all the light. If you have any gaps, use inexpensive felt weather stripping around the panel to seal the gaps. If you want to make it removable, you can mount a handle to the panel to pull it out of the window frame when needed.
Does the fabric matter that much? Does it have to be the kind you listed? Is there a reason to choose that over just going to a fabric store and buying fabric?

Originally Posted by bevofrancis  /t/1517976/what-should-i-cover-up-windows-with#post_24363020

Does the fabric matter that much? Does it have to be the kind you listed? Is there a reason to choose that over just going to a fabric store and buying fabric?

If you want to use the panels for acoustic absorption, you want a fabric that is as acoustically transparent as possible, and Guilford fabric is spec'd for that use. It is also fire retardant fabric.

You don't have to use Guilford fabric though.
Just select a fabric that is not tightly woven. Some people choose a burlap material. A good test is to choose a fabric that you can easily blow air through. If there is a lot of resistance to blowing air through it, it won't be very acoustically transparent, and would be reflective to high frequencies instead. Try not to obsess over the choice of fabric, but it is instructive to understand the differences fabrics can introduce to expected performance.
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Is it possible that I could hurt the sound by putting as much up as I am. It will end up almost covering the front wall where my speakers will be, about the entire back half of one side wall behind my listening position and the entire back wall. The other side wall though is pure brick. I'm guessing I may want to go ahead and put some on it too but I'm not sure how much is to much.
Yes, you will want to balance out your acoustic imaging by putting matching panels on the brick wall too. You probably will be fine with those absorption panels in your room. What percentage of the total wall space would you say would be covered with panels with all those window locations? What are the other surfaces in the room like? Carpet? Wood? Tile? Drywall? Brick?

If it ends up being too much absorption for the room, you can change out some of the OC703 panels for some fabric covered diffusers. Or, use a layer of heavy paper between the fabric and OC703 to reflect some of the high frequency energy back into the room. Generally, the rule of thumb is about 20% absorption, 25% diffusion, and bass traps in the corners.

If you want a more detailed acoustic plan done for your room, feel free to send me a PM...
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