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I've got a 3 yr old set. In the last few months there have been times when the screen would darken for no apparent reason, then lighten up again. Almost as if I'd changed the picture mode from Sports to Power Saver, but not quite that dramatically. Last weekend we heard a sound like a Van de Graff generator. It came from the upper right corner as viewed from the front of the set. Upon closer inspection there was the telltale odor of cooked electronics. The set still works, though. I turned it back on yesterday and there was no noise, and no odor.

I stopped in to a local repair shop to try to get a sense of whether these symptoms were something that is worth trying to have repaired or something that means it's terminal. All I got was "$50 to look at it, typical repairs on a size that size are $250 plus parts"

So, I'm hoping someone here can give me a sense of whether I should have it look at, or whether I should start reading threads to find a new set.

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