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Using xbox 360 as an extender. Have transcode 360 setup. Works good with most stuff. I can stream 1080p avi files no problem.

I've been ripping DVD's to my server as video_ts. The 360 seems to have a problem with this. Sometimes it will skip and stutter for the first 30 seconds or so of a movie. Then it starts to work OK.

Also seems like it might be dropping frames once in a while, although it is so minor I can't tell if I am just imagining it. Maybe a slight voice sync issue too.

Anyway, I would prefer to have the files converted to some other lossless format that the 360 would be able to handle without a problem.

Any idea on what I should be converting these video_ts rips to, and what program I should be using to do it?

(Computer is a 3 ghz quad core with 4GB RAM. The processor is not being pushed at all when it is transcoding, but I still get less than perfect performance from video_ts rips)
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