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Hi I am just starting my investigations into projectors/screens and have 3 questions:

1) How do I know what size screen is correct i.e. how do you calculate the correct screen size? If this is a really dumb question please forgive a noob

2) I have seen suggestions/screen shots in the threads that a slightly grey screen can give good contrasts/blacks without spoiling the bright whites; can anyone give me a Pantone colour reference as to what grey I need? I'm not in the U.S. so the paint mix formulae aren't much help to me. I have a guy who can print whatever colour I want onto a matt sheet and then stick it onto a foam sandwich for a cheap but very lightweight screen andf I'd appreciate any tips on the colour reference and is matt finish better than gloss (avoid glare?)

3) I can't ceiling mount a projector, (will likely get a Epson TW1000), can I just position it on a coffee table and will I get a reasonable picture "out of the box" without any fancy calibration?

Thanks for as many comments as you like

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