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What size screen for a LT150

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What size screens should I consider for a LT150? I would like the screen to be a 16:9. So far I think it should be a DaLite highpower with a 2.8 gain, but what size. The room will be 16'x 14.5' with an 8' ceiling. I aslo would like for the screen to have eletric masking although most of my viewing will be 70% DVD, 25% HD, and 5% 4:3 material. I would like to have the FP in a cabinet on the floor, since I have read that floor mounts work best for this FP. Any suggestions or corrections to my plans are welcome. Thanks!
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First off, go to www.projectorcentral.com and use the calculator to see what the screen size will be based on the distance from the wall. The LT150 doesn't have a zoom, so the image size is completely dependent on the distance from your screen.

Second, if you look at the specs for the LT150, the bottom of the projected image will be about 10" from the bottom of the projector, so factor this into your calculations. You'll probably want to keep the projector at least 6"->12" off the floor, which will put the image between 1-1/2 and 2 feet high.

Figure in some space for the frame (or roll mechanism, depending on your setup) and you're probably looking at a 5'x7' or 6'x8' screen, with the projector around 10 feet away. This seems to be a standard size (at least I've found these listed on several sites), and will probably run $250->$500 with the DaLite Hipower fabric.

These are rough guesses based on my setup, so be sure to run the numbers before you order something.

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If you can factor an ISCO lens into your budget, you can get a larger screen size. It will take your LT150's 4x3 image at whatever maximum size your room allows, and widen it further for 16x9.
I just bought a 6x8 Da-Lite Hipower Da-Snap wall mount screen and the cheapest I could find it was $900 plus $75 shipping. I plan to use it with an LT150.
Thanks for all the help guys. How much is the ISCO and will I have to remove it to watch regular 4:3 material? Would I be able to zoom in or out with the ISCO, because the 4:3 screen projector central calculates is a 8x6 120" diagonal screen and increasing that screen size to 16:9 would be to big for my room(16:9 calculations could be wrong). The size I would like to have is 119" diagonal for the 16:9 screen, but wanting and actually making work is two different things. Thanks again.
I can't answer your other questions, but if 4:3 screen is 8x6, 16:9 screen would be 8x4.5. It wouldn't get any wider, height would just get lower.

You're in good shape. I'm looking at a very similar installation.

-The LT150 is rated at 800 ANSI Lumens.

-A screen 8' wide x 6' high (4x3 aspect ratio) has 48 square feet.

-Screen brightness (in foot-Lamberts) = projector light output (in ANSI Lumens) / screen size (in square feet) * screen gain

-800 / 48 * 1.0 gain = 16.67 foot-lamberts

-The SMPTE recommendation for screen brightness for commercial theaters is a minimum of 16 foot-lamberts, but lower numbers can produce perfectly satisfactory results.

Bottom line: As long as you can control ambient light, go for the big screen!

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