While it's easy to predict the sorts of sound systems you'll see in dedicated music music listening rooms and home theaters, living rooms are more varied when it comes to audio. In addition to the countless residential situations where the TV is the primary sound source, living rooms host soundbars, networked lifestyle speaker systems, custom install/architectural audio, AVR-based systems with standalone speakers, home theater in a box systems, and a significant number of two-channel rigs. And of course there are those who have no audio system in their living room.

Because the built-in speakers found in most TVs are terrible, one of the most popular upgrades is to a soundbar. It's an aesthetic win-win with today's TVs and the low cost plus simple installation is appealing to many consumers. At the entry level soundbars focus on delivering clear speech and increased volume levels versus TVs. Better soundbars use beamforming or bounced sound to create expansive sound fields, and even simulated surround-sound.

Lifestyle speaker systems such as Sonos, HEOS, MusicCast, Google Cast and DTS Play-Fi are popular choices for living room audio. There's some crossover with soundbars, with some systems offering the option to combine wireless speakers and a soundbar to create a surround system. And products like Apple's HomePod show that high fidelity from a tiny form factor is achievable in a mass-marketable device.

Of course here on AVS Forum, living rooms are fair game for either 2-channel or surround-sound systems. For those who are lucky enough to have a domestic situation that allows you to have standalone speakers in your living room, the world is yours.

And of course there's the custom-install market where if you have the funds you can try and hide a sound system that costs as much as a car inside your walls and behind "micro-aperture" grates. The technology of hiding high-fidelity sound is a well-funded endeavor.

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