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This is my bedroom office. I've got a big professor size desk with computer against one longer wall and a 6' bookshelf on the right and a 3' bookshelf on the left and a computer desk with another computer and a laptop on the opposite wall with a 3' bookshelf next to it. Up until now, I've been listening to my main 2 channel full size speakers all the way from my living room downstairs, but that is not very efficient and a pain to go over there to change FM stations or CDs. I figure it's time to setup a local audio system in this room. There is a closet on the right side of the room with an A/V cabinet inside and a 26" TV where I can put a receiver. I'll be mainly listening to CDs and FM radio and tune in to the occasional TV program while programming/surfing/office tasks in this room. I have an HTPC in my living room with networked HDHomerun TV/cable tuner which I plan on streaming TV to my computer (on an additional 2nd monitor) in this room (replacing the old 26" tube). Because of all my computers, books, and CDs, I don't have much room and was thinking of going with a 5.1 sub/satellite system. Should I do that, or is it possible to buy decent bookshelf speakers + center speaker + sub (and maybe also surround speakers) for about $500? I figure I'll be listening to mostly CDs and radio, and only TV for the nightly news and when I don't want to miss the start of a show/football game/Formula 1 race before dropping everything and running down to my living room. I know someone selling a KEF 2005.2 system for $400 that I was thinking of buying, but I need to spend Saturday afternoon listening to speakers at a high end audio store (Listen Up) before going over to his place to listen to the KEFs to possibly buy them. Space is pretty tight with all my clutter, but I'd clear some books and stuff off the shelves if I can find bookshelf speakers about 9-10" deep.

I also need to buy another AV receiver. I have a 12 year old JVC 884VBK 5.1 DD 5x100 watt receiver in the living room that I run my HDTV and HTPC through driving a pair of DCM QED 1A tower speakers I bought in 1985. I was going to add a sub, center, and surrounds to make it a 5.1 HT speaker setup when I replaced my 2x100 watt JVC RX500 receiver 12 years ago but matching was problematic and didn't want to replace the towers. I hope to buy a nice 5.1 speaker setup for the living room eventually when my financial situation improves, but the plan for now is to buy a new AV receiver for that room and move the old JVC 5.1 DD receiver into my bedroom office. I mainly watch TV in my living room and listen to some FM radio and watch the rare DVD. The main feature I want in an AV receiver is Audessy Dynamic Volume Control to equalize the commercials volume. I'm looking at the Denon AVR1910 and Onkyo TXSR607 so far. With amplifiers divided among all the extra channels these days, I'm finding it hard to find a 5x100+ watt receiver with ADVC. My living+dining (combined no wall between) room is 19.5' x 14' and add another 12' to the 19.5' for TV/cablethe kitchen, which is only separated from the dining/living area by a bar. This room also has a vaulted ceiling from 8' to 12' behind the entertainment center which is a partial wall backing to the stairs to the upper level and opening to stairs to the lower level as well.

I'd like to keep my budget for the speakers and receiver to within about $1000 (willing to bump it up need be to use most of that for quality speakers). So, basically, should I be looking at bookshelves + center + sub or a full 5.1 set and which ones to listen to? And what receivers should I consider?
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