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what speakers to add to go from 5.1 to 7.1

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Hello. Just joined this site, I used it for reference when I constructed my home cinema room 5 years ago (which was knocked down last week) :eek:to build an extension to move my father in law to move in :mad:This week the builders are in to start work on my new room. I was running a marrantz amp with the Kef KHT 1005 speakers in a room that was 16 foot by 8 foot. The new room is 17 foot by 11 foot so I am looking to move up to 7.1. :DI need to be able to walk past the side surrounds so was looking at adding a pair of Kef (because I have been pleased with what I have had) T101 would this be a good idea?

I am thinking of upgrading to one of the Onkyo units as I am probably going to instal the Optima HD33 and have a bit of 3D action.

This is the third time I have tried to get some help on this one. 1st time redirected to Keff owners thread, there I was lost in a sea of high teck speaker wire debate.
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