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What specs to I need? (build question)

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So im looking to enter the htpc arena, wahoo!

I want to know some of the minimun specs i should be looking for. The only thing this box will do is run MyMovies w/totalmediatheater thats it no other plugins,programs, nothing, nathan, nada, zip, videos will mostly be blu-ray. All my movies will be ripped to hard drives.

I am not looking to build the box myself i will most likely by an off the shelf from tiger or best buy or i was thinking about ordering a custom hp slimline or dell zino. lets say for example i ordered a zino 410, what processor would you go with? how much ram? and what video card? i dont want to spend more then i have to, but want the thing to run smooth and responsive..

i guess my question is, what are the minimums and whats overkill? if the only thing im doing is running mymovies what do i need? i do want my menu scrolling in mymovies to be smoooth as butter and the picture quality it outputs to be pristine, right now on my laptop mymovies is kind of jerky but the laptop is like 4 yrs old on vista

also want to add that i dont care about audio output i dont have a fancy system and most likely will never get one just like a great picture(i know audiophiles im crazy

also side question will i get the same picture quality from my htpc as i do from my standalone player? im ripping the full blu-ray no compression...etc

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The Zino HD is a quite capable box for $399. I haven't used one myself but I've seen it recommended again and again. The dual core CPU is a must and if you have the cash, an extra $100 will get you an AMD 5xxx series GPU .. although it's not necessary for Blu Ray playback. 3GB RAM should be enough if you're not trying to get extenders running alongside the HTPC.

Also, check out http://www.revohtpc.com/ . This guy has a lot of writups using a Acer Aspire Revo, that's $349 and seems capable of running everything you're talking about. It uses an Atom processor so I think it's a little underpowered.. but it seems to work. Downside is there is no optical drive (if you needed that).
I have no issue running full quality BD rips or playing physical BD media with 2gb, but memory is cheap.
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