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I'm sure I'm missing it right in front of my eyes, but I've hunted high and low and can't find the "rules FAQ" or whatever it's called.

I know that years ago around 2002 one of them was a forum sponsor, and I bought an imported Sharp XV-Z9000 from them for half of U.S. retail at the time (still humming along in my room with no issues).

Now I'm looking at getting a Sony VPL-VW600ES or VPL-VW1000ES the same way but I don't remember what operations are reliable (i.e. they will send me a projector and not an empty box).

And no, I don't care about the potential for Sony's movie service region incompatibility issues or warranty problems.

I need a pj for a large screen (176" 2.35:1) and future-proofing for 4K seems like a good plan for now.

If anybody knows if the importer whose initials are "P" and "J" is still a legit operation, please pm me if public messaging is against the rules.
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