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What timing for Panasonic ED?

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I have tried to use powerstrip with Panasonic ED plasma and ATI 9600 video card. Unf., all my attempts to add preset resolutions (such as 848x480p PDP) did not work - I could not find any of them after rebooting. Does it mean that timing settings were wrong? What should I use? Thanks.
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They should be in the default resolution list even without Powerstrip. Granted, you must use a fairly up-to-date Catalyst. Check under Display->Advanced->List all modes.
Maxim5 I have your exact setup with ATI 9600XT and Panasonic EDTV and I was able to get 1776x1000i resolution to work from the custom resolution guide started by Karnis. The problem was I was getting tearing when playing back DVDs. I switched to a nVidia 9800 Ultra and was able to get all the resolutions to work but with major overscan. I am still trying to find a solution for the overscan issues. The problem is when I try to change thr front and back porch the image either disappears or rolls on the screen.

Can anyone help with matter?
I found a way to get the default resolution for the display to work through DVI using a nVidia 6800 Ultra. This is what I did:

1. Uninstall powerstrip

2. Reboot PC.

3. Reinstall powerstrip.

4. Goto display properties and select one of the resolutions.

5. Open powerstrip and save the resolution - making adjustments as necessary.

I found this to work be for me. I tried using the custom resolutions from the guide in the forum but I could not get them to work.
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Please use native resolution. Why are you not, giza?
Originally posted by Esben
Please use native resolution. Why are you not, giza?
I know the native resolution is 852 x 480 and that is good for desktop, but I want to determine if I can get better image quality by upscaling then letting the TV downscale to its native resolution. Correct me if I am wrong, but from the reading I've done in the forum, it seems that upscaling then allowing the TV to downscale renders a better image quality.

I also play games on this HTPC that need higher resolutions. The theme that I use for Meedio is best displayed at 1280x720. Let me know if I can display 1280x720 in 480p timing. I am still getting familiar with all of this resolution stuff, so bear with me. If you know, how do yousetup a resolution, for instance 1280x720, with 480p timing?
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