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Here is my scenario. I have a small apartment and evey weekend we play xbox on 2 or 3 tv's. My current setup is a

phillips 32pt9100d hdmi 4:3 aspect

A samsung slimfit 720p 1080i hdmi 30 inch

And I just sold my silvania 32inch 720p lcd because it had a line goin down the side that disappeared when warm but I don't trust lcd tv's

So I found 2 tv's i'm gearing toward

1.sony kd 34xbr910 for 100$ 2 towns away

2.sony kd 34xbr960 for 125$ about a hour away

Wich is the better tv. And is it worth the xtra 25 and 2hour ride for the 960.

And are these sony tv.s alot better than my phillips.

I know I don't like my samsung slimfit even though it has hdmi and is pretty thin and light. It has geometry issuse lower resolution(ONLY 800 horizontal lines)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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