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What to buy for my RV?

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Please recomend and reasons for recommendation. I can fit a TV with an outside dimension 20x27 inches.
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I have an RV too, and have been debating replacing my small CRT tv with a flat panel. I own a LazyDaze RV and in the newer models they put a 19" LCD TV on a swivel stand. See their web site ( same as RV name ) and give them a call - they would definitely steer you in the right direction.

I believe you would want to go LCD because it will draw less power ( in case you want to run it off of house batteries ). Besides power, the things I wonder about are the ability to withstand the josteling of the RV moving down the road, and the ability to operate the TV in different temperature ranges. I use my RV for football games, and in early season it can be 90F+ inside the RV, but by playoff time it can be 30F or less in there ( before I put on the AC or heat anyway ). Wonder if LCD is any better or worse than CRT for operating temps??? Anyway, good luck and happy RVing!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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