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I am in the process of moving into my own place next week and I home theater in the basement.

I got (4) JBL ES20 Speakers and a JBL ES25 Center speakers. Subwoofer is TBD once I figure out any noise restrictions since I am moving into a townhouse.

I need at least 3 HDMI inputs (cable box, Blu-ray Player and maybe a PS4 in the near future). I got a TV, but I need a receiver. 5.1 channel

I am on a budget so price is a limiting factor.

HERE IS THE CATCH: I listen to a lot of music on vinyl, so I need an AUX input and a receiver that will not make my vinyls sound like crap. The turntable I have has both Phono and AUX outputs. I connected the AUX output of the turntable to a vacuum tube powered equalizer (for a vintage touch) and that has an AUX output.

So I narrowed it down to Three. All have network capability. I do not need Wi-Fi and I actually prefer wired connections because there is so many wireless networks being broadcasted in my neighborhood.

HARMON KARDON AVR 1510 for $300 @ newegg
HARMAN KARDON AVR 1700 for $280 @ Amazon
PIONEER VSX-823-K for $230 @ newegg

Any thoughts?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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