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What to buy? Sceptre 42, Westy 42 or Vizio 42???

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I have been researching and debating which HDTV LCD/Plasma to buy. I have narrowed it down to the Sceptre 42 LCD, Westinghouse 42 LCD and Vizio 42 Plasma. I like the fact that both the Sceptre and Westinghouse are 1080p compatable, but are they worth the extra dollars when it seems like the Vizio has a great picture at 720p and 1080i?

I know that 1080p wont be the standard for another 5-7 years (via the local CC representative), but with all the new equipment such as HD-DVD, Blu-ray and the new PS3 would the Sceptre and Westy be good investments right now?

Any thoughts?
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First of all, welcome to the forum!

Second, I would like to caution you about putting much stock into anything that comes out of the mouth of a BB or CC employee. I personally disagree that it will be 5-7 years before 1080p is commonly accepted. Can you really imagine, with more than a few of these displays available today, that it will really be 2013 before 1080p gains purchase (pun intended) in the marketplace? Maybe 2-4 years.

As far as which TV to buy, let your own eyes and your wallet be the judge of that. It is certainly useful having input from fellow forum members who own these devices. However, since you are new to this forum, if not forums in general, I will say you must be wary of people who are all too willing to laud or condemn a product based on spec sheets or hearsay alone, and have never actually possessed one of their own. Caveat emptor, as they say. And good luck with your TV purchase!
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Thanks for the advice. I really take what BB or CC employees say with a grain of salt. I saw the Westy at BB connected to HD-DVD and it looked amazing, but I want something that I wont have to replace in 4 years. Obviously, technology changes daily and as soon as I buy tv, a newer resoultion will be found and I will be back to square one. Is it worth shelling out the $$$ for 1080p?
I got the Westy 42 and I have to say that, without a doubt, the 1080p makes a difference in the HD content. Really incredible PQ for a bargain price!! Read the in-depth thread on this very forum for more info. Also, check the Westinghouse site as they have two reviews of the TV up (Home Theater Mag, and Audioholics), where the set has scored impressively!
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