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So I'm in a pinch. I blew an 18" obsidian audio sub that I was going to install in one of my friends car. I needed a recone so I emailed obsidian and had great communication for like 2 days and last thing said was for me to email what I needed and they would send an invoice to my paypal. I did and have heard nothing since last Friday. Checked paypal and nothing. I need this fast.

So I though I remember nick from stereo integrity owning both obsidian and SI so I came here to ask about a recone and he asked what I was talking about with him being affiliated with obsidian. Oops my mistake. So I go to obsidians website, click "contact us" and call the number listed. I get a voicemail that says "you have contact stereo integrity". Hmmm so they must be connected?!?!?

Anyways I'm sure nick is busy, but I was right there to buy, just needed to give my credit card info a week ago and no contact since. A few emails, a couple voice mails, and a pm through avs and nothin.

Is there another company that might make a recone for this motor? I'd just love to give obsidian my money!!!!

Any ideas?

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