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What to do for 2 Displays

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I have a 5x1 monoprice switch with my HDMI Panny XR70, HDMI Panny S90 and DVI STB connected then going out to my HDMI RPTV. I want to add a projector. How? Would it be component on my receiver? Would the DVD/STB signal be read by the projector?
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You could upgrade the 5x1 switch to a 4x2 matrix device which would be considerably more expensive. But understand that you're asking to duplicate the HDMI signal so you have to expect some cost.

Depending on how your source devices work, you might be able to have both HDMI and component active at all times in which case yes, you could just do component through your receiver.
I have a Panny XR57, Panny S90 DVD, and Pace STB going out to JVC LCOS. I want to add the Panny AX100u.

I don't mind going component, but would love HDMI if price was reasonable. However, that doesn't seem to be the case. What do I have to check to see if HDMI & component are active all the time?

*I may a some point replace the panny s90 with a HD-DVD and will be adding a PS3 when available. In case I should think of these future changes when finding a solution to my situation.
Any comments on this? Any other options, or does anyone know if the XR57 allows component and HDMI active at the same time?
I sent an email to monoprice a while back asking the same question. They said they would soon make a 1 in/2 out HDMI switch. Should be cheaper than a matrix device, but somewhat convoluted to use the switch you have already.

Or, you could go ahead and get a new Marantz SR8001 receiver :) . The only one I am aware of that offers 4 in/2 out HDMI. Awesome.
I just got the XR57 and it replaced a Marantz 7300 :) So, theoretically, could I add some type of y adapter type 1/2 out HDMI switch or box? I need to find out if the XR57 has both HD ports active, I don't mind going component at first, until I can justify the cost of a matrix unit.
I was thinking that the hurdle would be having hdmi and component active simultaneously on your STB and DVD player... But you'll actually be using the component and HDMI to view material on the projector and the RPTV at the same time? I doubt the XR57 would do that but you never know I guess...

It would be convoluted, but could you add an external component switch and just use the XR57 for audio when using component?
Felgar- No, I would not be using the component and HDMI at the same time. Does that mean I'm good? I was concerned that if both ports were being used (with a plug in the port) that they both wouldn't work. But I do not plan on out putting both ports at the same time, just want to be able to switch between component one moment and then switch to HDMI.
Ya... I think you might be able to make it work but I'm not familiar enough with the XR57 to know. Good luck and let us know how you make out. :)
I will. I would just like to know before I but the projector. I'll try searching some XR57 threads.
Can't you test using a component input on the RPTV?
I don't think I have a spare cable long enough to reach my TV. But that's a good idea, I'll have to check to see what extra cables I have. Do you think if I simply plugged in a shorter component cable, not necessarily reaching the TV, that would cause the only-one-port-active where I could check if HDMI is still outputting? Do I physically have to have both HDMI and component reaching the tv to see if both ports are active?
I think you'd have to plug in both ends but for just testing ANY cable will do, even 3 audio cables if you have any of them long enough.
K, I'll check what I have and see what I can find out.

Also, the cheapest matrix device is like $500? True? Also, does that then leave me standing with a useless month old 5/1 HDMI switcher? Or is their a matrix type device that can be daisy chained to the 5/1?
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