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Hi everyone, I'm new here and have a difficult dilemma to face in regards to my new setup. Let me first start with my equipment, which is undergoing installation at this very moment. I have an Yamaha AV receiver RX-740 Aventage, with Polk Audio speakers - 2 Tsi 400s, one center channel CS10, 2 tsi100s for the surround sound, and last but not least a /JBL Sub ES250PBK. My Tv is the new Samsung Curved 65" and it is mounted above the fireplace wall, which is the genesis of my dilemma. I cannot fit my CS10 under the TV and the only place to put it would be on top of it. However the looks would not go with the rest of the room and I can't find a slanted shelf to place it on either. Here is my question: The wall is 35 inches thick and behind is my office, so I wanted to cut a box inside the wall and make an inside slanted shelf, kind of like an indentation insiude the wall so i can place the speaker, however I am afraid that would affect the sound of my center channel speaker. Any thoughts or solutions? I thought about getting the polk audio tl3s instead but don't know if that would be a good idea. I need help!!!

Thank you.
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